Provo Canyon Highway- Utah, United States


In early 2005 the Utah Department of Transportation began works on a major upgrade to the State Road 189 through Provo Canyon. The 4.5 mile stretch of highway required widening from 2 to 4 lanes as a result of population growths in Utah and Wasatch counties.

The projects location in high canyons with the roadway backing onto a dam required complicated engineering solutions. Project Manager Brent Schvaneveldt;

“… I think stabilisation is going to be the hardest part,” Schvaneveldt said. “You’re cutting into cliffs, so just trying to stabilise those cliffs as you are cutting them is always a big challenge for our projects in canyons.”

Provo Canyon’s original specification called for 300 joules using a minimum of 100 lbs/yd of steel fibers tested to ASTM C1550 Centrally Loaded Panels, but working through Armes Construction, Commercial Shotcrete, and Westroc Concrete, BarChip was trialled at 8lbs/yd and 10lbs/yd, meeting 340 joules and 400 joules respectfully. The Utah Department of Transportation officials approved the use of BarChip because of the superior performance and the additional benefits offered.

BarChip was able to meet the stringent specification as well as offering the project at a significant cost advantage. BarChip was the right solution to a highly technical project and provided extra toughness for over 15,000 cubic yards of shotcrete.

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