Our Vision is Simple.

“Revolutionise the World of Concrete Reinforcement”.


BarChip is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagihara Industries, a global leader in flat yarn and plastic extrusion technologies. Hagihara was founded in Japan in 1962 producing PE monofilaments for the local Okayama market and is today listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Hagihara is a global organisation manufacturing proprietary products across numerous industries, including consumer goods, agriculture, environmental management, packaging and logistics, construction and civil engineering, food processing, medical technology, and plastic extrusion machinery.



BarChip is the worlds’ leading manufacturer of high-performance macro synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement. BarChip is a solutions provider, not just a fibre supplier, and is focussed on providing customers with the highest level of technical and application support. For more than two decades BarChip has supplied trusted reinforcement solutions to clients all over the world and has become the fibre of choice for major infrastructure projects.

Research and development are core philosophies of BarChip, who engage in world leading research with academic institution and industry bodies that keep BarChip as the industry benchmark for high performance fibre reinforcement.

BarChip has paved the way for macro synthetic fibre into nearly every sector of the construction industry. From initial breakthroughs in the mining industry, to civil tunnelling, civil infrastructure projects, industrial flooring, precast elements, and public works. This experience ensures BarChip’s team of engineering, application and plastics experts stay the leaders of their fields and deliver the best possible solutions to clients.

We believe the future of concrete reinforcement exists in materials that:

  • Eliminate corrosion.
  • Are low carbon.
  • Are safe and easy to install.
  • Reduce construction time and cost.
  • Enable 100+ year design life with minimal maintenance

By embracing BarChip technology, we’ve created a concrete reinforcement system for the 21st century, a system that delivers long lasting value to our customers and to society.

Find out what you could save with BarChip fibre concrete reinforcement and make the change today.

What Can You Achieve?

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Get in touch for a personal information session about your next project. One of our concrete fiber experts will guide you through the following 4 keys items:

  • Fiber Selection
  • Batching and Mixing
  • Design Methodologies
  • Testing Requirements