Precast Tidal Zone Sea Wall Design Eliminated the Risk of Corrosion


The rapid growth of Perth over the past decade has resulted in a substantial increase in marine traffic on the Swan River. The boat wash, combined with the corrosive nature of sea water had eroded the foundations of the pedestrian walk path causing it to collapse. A solution was required that not only prevented erosion to the wall footing but eliminated the corrosive and structural risks to the repaired wall.

The solution was to install a precast retaining wall that extended below the foundations of the existing wall and prevented any further damage to the footpath and sea wall. A 40 year design life was specified so an extremely durable design was required for this highly corrosive marine environment. BarChip Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement was used to replace steel reinforcing as it in non-corrosive and more durable than steel.

Sea Wall Civil Engineer,

“The product was designed to last 40 years in a marine environment in the intertidal zone where it would be exposed to continual wetting and drying. As the Barchip fibers were inert to salt water exposure, they were selected as the concrete reinforcement.”

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