HABOM Doubles Production Rate with Barchip’s Synthetic Fiber Concrete Reinforcement


HABOM Aircraft Maintenance Facility Increases Daily Concrete Floor Completion Rate from 800 m2/day to between 1200m2 and 1600 m2/day.

Based at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Internation Airport (SAW) Airport, Turkish Technic is the leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services company in the region. Turkish Technic has recently begun an ambitious construction of HABOM, a multi-story maintenance and repair facility. When completed it will be one of the largest in the region. BarChip48 synthetic fiber reinforcement was chosen as the primary crack control reinforcement for 155,000 m2 of floor area. BarChip48 offered superior durability, simplified site processes and offered significant time and cost advantages, as outlined in the right hand column.

The estimated total investment requirement for the airframe and component maintenance centres is around US$ 500 million. By the year 2020, HABOM is estimated to generate a US$ 1 billion share from airframe and component maintenance segments. Turkish Technic will be the permanent shareholder of the HABOM Project. Besides that, Turkish Technic is aiming to establish these new investments as an international joint venture with the participation of a leading global company or companies. With the making of this new investment, Istanbul could be the maintenance hub of the region within a short time period.

During the course of construction, the contractor changed from a traditional reinforcement system to BarChip macro synthetic fiber. Prior to the switch to BarChip synthetic fiber, 12 man crews were completing approximately 800 m2 per day using welded wire mesh reinforcement. After switching to BarChip synthetic fibers, 12 man crews were completing between 1200 m2 and 1600 m2 per day. As BarChip reinforcement is delivered mixed with the concrete the set up time for welded wire mesh was completely eliminated.

In all the contractor estimates that at the current speed they will realise a time saving of 35%, or two full months for the flooring project.

Quick Facts

  • Production increased from 800 m2/day to between 1200 and 1600 m2/day
  • Achieved a total time saving of 35% compared to mesh reinforcement
  • Total concrete area 372,000 m2
  • Total area of BarChip reinforced concrete: 155,000 m2
  • Concrete thickness: 10 cm
  • Concrete strength: C25 – 25/30 MPa
  • Concrete slump: 10 – 14 cm
  • Load: 15 t/m2 – 150 kN/m2
  • Client: YDA Construction
  • Product: BarChip48 macro synthetic fiber reinforcement
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