Eliminate Steel Mesh From Residential Housing Slabs


Grandis Close Townhouse Development Eliminates Steel Mesh From Engineered Slabs.

Like us, many engineers believe the next evolution of concrete reinforcement exists in alternatives to steel products. One product that has proven its capacity to replace steel is BarChip structural synthetic fiber. Unlike traditional reinforcement systems, where the forces are distributed across a single layer of mesh, BarChip fiber reinforced concrete spreads the load across thousands of individual reinforcing fibers.

Civil engineer Tedd Bennet;

“BarChip synthetic fibers are our preferred method of reinforcement for residential slab applications. The post crack energy absorption is equivalent to steel alternatives, however BarChip fibers provide a much higher level of plastic shrinkage and crack propagation control. On top of that the cost savings can be quite substantial”

The “Grandis Close” 19 Townhouse Development shown on this sheet was originally designed using SL72 crack control mesh. Seeing the potential benefits My House Builders worked closely with their engineers and Barchip to specify BarChip as the preferred crack control reinforcement.

Chris Atkinson from My House Builders;

“We started using BarChip MACRO as a replacement for mesh in our townhouse driveways with immediate improvements to our finished product. We made initial savings through reduced reinforcement and labour costs and removed the need for concrete pumps in many places. Given the savings and performance we’ve now started using BarChip in our engineered slabs as well”.

BarChip Benefits

  • Up to 50 % price reduction vs traditional steel mesh
  • Post crack load capacity equivalent to SL82 steel mesh at regular dose rates
  • Long term durability – corrosion free
  • Improves shrinkage and temperature crack control
  • Eliminates bending, cutting and placing of steel mesh, increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Delivered to site ready mixed and ready reinforced
  • Safer and lighter to handle than steel
  • Reduces carbon footprint vs traditional steel mesh

Video – Pouring Barchip Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slab

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