Ensuring the Design Life of Oslo’s Cultural Heart with Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement


by | Jul 27, 2016 | Civil

Construction of Norway’s new National Opera House began in mid 2002. Commencement of the foundations using BarChip synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement began in 2004.

The new Opera House will be situated partly on land and partly over water. This has significant consequences related to the foundation design, handling of polluted soil, control of moisture and, not least, the building of water tightness.

The foundation required some 28,000 lineal metres of piles to act as supporting elements for the building above. The piles vary in length and can reach up to 55 metres below the water surface before meeting stable bedrock.

BarChip structural synthetic fiber was chosen for this significant project to provide a cost effective solution to the insitu pile reinforcement. BarChip’s high performance and long term durability for combating the demanding marine environment were critical factors in this decision.

Dosed at 5kg/m3, 3000m3 of concrete was reinforced with approximately 15 tonnes of BarChip structural fibers.


Quick Summary


  • Estimated to cost EUR 300 million
  • Veidekke Entreprenor AS was the chosen contractor
  • The Opera House measures a total of 38,000m2
  • Tower height of 54m
  • The main stage lies 16m below sea level
  • Length of 242m by 100m wide
  • Over 1000 rooms and 3 main performance stages
  • Used approximately 15 tonnes of BarChip in total
  • Reinforced with BarChip structural synthetic fibers
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