Taurus Armas Factory

BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Flooring


BarChip fibre reinforced concrete flooring helped Taurus Armas meet tight constructions schedules at their new factory. Established in 1939, Taurus Armas SA is a Brazilian firearms manufacturer offering a diverse range of reliable and innovative products designed for military, law enforcement, and civilian use worldwide.

In 2021, Taurus undertook a R$110 million dollar expansion of their manufacturing facilities in São Leopoldo, Brazil. The initial 12,000 m2 expansion was comprised of six pavilions for new manufacturing facilities. The total expansion of 22,000 m2 allowed Taurus to increase production by 50% and included logistics and distribution facilities, engineering, laboratories and offices.


The expansion was faced with a tight construction schedule and embraced building practices that improved construction efficiency. One such practice was the use of BarChip MQ58 synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement in place of traditional steel.
BarChip eliminated the need to place steel reinforcement, resulting in a more efficient and faster construction process. At the São Leopoldo factory, BarChip was used in the industrial floors and surrounding concrete pavements of the entire complex.

Download Project Sheet: Taurus Armas Factory Floor


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