Amazon Fulfilment Centre

BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Flooring


BarChip MQ58 concrete fibre reinforcement was used as the primary reinforcement in Amazon’s Nova Santa Rita fulfilment centre. Opened in 2020, the 41,180 m2 distribution centre is one of Amazon’s largest in Brazil. The centre is part of the 3SB industrial park, the largest in the State, and was constructed with an investment of around R$50 million using BarChip fibre reinforced concrete flooring. 

BarChip MQ58 is a specialty flooring fibre and designed to deliver a fibre free surface finish without changes to regular finishing techniques. BarChip delivered numerous benefits to Amazon and the park owners.

  • Reduced construction time and cost.
  • Improved durability.
  • Reduced risks of plastic shrinkage cracking.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Delivered a fibre free finish.


Download Project Sheet: Amazon Fulfulment Centre


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