Fibre Reinforced Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) System

Project: Villa Fonnes
Builder: Cato Bygg
Location: North Bergen, Norway
Product: Jackon Thermomur (Insulated Concrete Form)

Sitting under the Northern Lights, the recently completed Villa Fonnes appears an idyllic wonder, if only appearances were true. Battered by North Sea winds all year round and covered in snowpack for large parts of it, Villa Fonnes had to be built to last. A key part of this was the use of fibre reinforced Jackon Thermomur Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) panels from BEWI.

Core fill systems are a proven entity in residential construction, with well documented benefits in time savings and improved insulation. One of their few drawbacks is the time taken to install steel reinforcement within the form, which can take away some of the cost and time benefits the system delivered. At Villa Fonnes, builder Cato Bygg overcame this by replacing the steel reinforcement with BarChip54 macro synthetic fibre. BarChip is mixed directly with the concrete and pumped into the concrete form, eliminating the time and cost of steel installation.

BarChip was used on all outside walls, including the second floor walls at Villa Fonnes. Beyond the immediate cost and time benefits, BarChip eliminated any risk of corrosion, further improving the dwellings durability and sustainability.

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