BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Hardstand


Contractors eliminated 50 days worth of work for a team of 10 people.



Completed in 2020, the Takamine Wood Company’s Kyushu wood mill is the largest external pavement reinforced by BarChip in Japan. In total, 60,880 m2 of BarChip fibre reinforced concrete was used for the external pavement, as well as the primary 7,800 m2 factory floor.

For this project, BarChip was added to the concrete on-site from two locations. For the internal floor, BarChip was added from a specially constructed dosing scaffold. For the external pavement, BarChip was added using an automated doing machine. BarChip pallets are fitted with water proof rain hoods and could be safely stored on-site at both dosing stations.

For the factory floor, BarChip was placed using a standard boom pump. The external pavement was placed using a Nippon slip form pavement machine. In both instances, the BarChip fibre reinforced concrete mix was placed and finished with no negative effects to standard equipment and processes.

BarChip was specified on the project in an effort to reduce construction time and overall costs. Over 423 tonnes of 10 mm by 200 mm centred crack control mesh was replaced with BarChip fibre. The contractor’s average rate of steel placement is 0.8 tonnes per worker each day. With BarChip, workers no longer have to do this physcially demanding job. Not only is this much easier and safer, but the contractors eliminated 50 days worth of work for a team of 10 people.

In-service now for nearly two years, BarChip has performed according to specifications and the entire project team is very happy with the outcome.

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