Corrosion Free Concrete Paving

Shared Cycleway, Estonia


“BarChip Eliminated the Risk of Corrosion at the Ocean Front Location”


Once an unused and overgrown section of land between the sea and the highway, the upgrade and reconstruction of Reidi Road has transformed the Reidi Tee Promenade from a wasteland to one of best public spaces in Tallinn, which was nominated for the 2021 Estonian Landscape Architecture Awards.

Today, the promenade comprises 13.6 hectares of parkland, sunset viewing spaces with 230 benches, 8 playgrounds and 64 sport and games locations, all connected by a 1.5 km BarChip reinforced shared pathway running right on the ocean.
Macro synthetic fibre was chosen as a replacement for traditional steel reinforcement in the concrete pathway because it’s a non-corrosive reinforcement, making it more durable and a more suitable choice at the seaside location. Given the performance requirements for the path were relatively low, the deciding factor for fibre selection was the concrete finish.

Trial slabs were poured to determine finish and BarChip MQ58 was specified as the best finishing fibre. MQ58 is specifically designed to deliver a fibre free finish and is the preferred choice where finish is the primary consideration.

Project Details

Concrete: C35/45 high strength concrete due to exposure conditions adjacent to ocean.
Wheel Load: 50 kN, max contact pressure 1.0 N/mm2
Fibre: 5 kg/m3 BarChip MQ58 with fibre free finish
Builder: KMG Engineering AS
Distributor: Betotrade OÜ

Reidi Tee Prominade

BarChip Reinforced Paving

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