Mitsubishi Chemical

Production Warehouse, Japan


24 Year Old BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floor Performing Perfectly


On a recent visit to an old client, Mitsubishi Chemical Logistics Corp. in Japan, BarChip were shown a fascinating comparison. In 1998 Mitsubishi constructed two side by side warehouses for their distribution centre in Southern Japan. One warehouse was constructed using steel mesh reinforced concrete, the other with BarChip synthetic fibre reinforced concrete. Both warehouses were the same size, same shape and layout, constructed at the same time under the same conditions and used for the same purpose. The only difference between the two floors was the reinforcement system.



Mitsubishi were eager to show us that the BarChip reinforced floor has performed perfectly over the 24 years since it was built. There is no visible cracking and no unplanned maintenance has been required. However, the steel mesh reinforced floor has not performed as well. While the floor hasn’t failed, mainly due to the quality construction and care from Mitsubishi, cracking has appeared in several locations that require ongoing unplanned maintenance.



Cracking can be caused by any number of factors and we don’t specifically know what’s caused it in this floor. At 24 years of age one thing is clear though, BarChip fibre reinforced concrete flooring can meet design requirements and match or even exceed the performance of traditionally reinforced concrete.

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