BarChip Fibre Concrete

Integrated Logistics Center


RKK Line is a shipping company established in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, in 1950. Completed in 2019, the 10,512 m2 Itoman Integrated Logistics Center is the latest addition to this network and plays a key role as RKK Line’s base in the southern region of Okinawa. The Itoman Center offers dry, cold and frozen storage facilities, with BarChip fibre reinforced concrete being used as the sole reinforcement in the cold and frozen storage area topping slabs.


BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Flooring


BarChip fibre concrete was used in the 10 cm thick topping slabs with a dose rate of 3.64 kg/m3. The areas have a minimum operating temperate of +5 oC in cold storage and -25 oC in frozen storage. The original design called for Welded Wire Mesh (WWM) reinforcement. BarChip fibre concrete was chosen to completely replaced WWM due to improved production speeds, improved crack control and superior durability.


BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Flooring


A 12-month inspection showed BarChip has been performing very well to control cracking under cold and frozen conditions.

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