Eti Aluminium Use BarChip Fibre Concrete

In $580 Million Plant Upgrade


Founded in 1973, Eti Aluminium is the only primary aluminum producer in Turkey. In 2015 Eti Aluminium began a USD 580 million refurbishment of the Seydişehir Aluminium Plant. Since works began production capacity of the facility has increased to 82,000 t/annum which is 10% of Turkey’s annual demand. The plant can treat 550,000 mt of bauxite ore and produce 160.000 mt of cast products as well as 260,000 mt of aluminum oxide (alumina) using 400,000 mt of aluminum hydroxide produced at the plant.


Included in this refurbishment was the upgrade and construction of new roadways and the repair and construction of facility ground slabs. BarChip macro synthetic fibre was incorporated into large sections of both the concrete roadways and facility floor flabs. BarChip concrete fibre was able to be used in both repair topping slabs and newly constructed pavements which offered great versatility to the project.



BarChip 48 dosed at 2.5 kg/m3 (+0.9 kg/m3 micro fibre)


Slab Thickness

Roadways: 20 cm

Factory Slabs: 25 cm

Storage Slabs: 30 cm

For more information on design of BarChip fibre reinforced flooring, download our Flooring Design Guideline.


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