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For Design Guideline for Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floors

Barchip Design Guideline for Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floors

The use of macro synthetic fibre (MSF) as a replacement for steel reinforcement is on the rise. Since 2000, Barchip alone has reinforced over 5 million square meters of commercial and industrial flooring.

The macro synthetic fibre reinforcement system not only eliminates corrosion and increases the ductility of concrete, but has delivered substantial economic advantages to clients, including;

  • 50% increase in daily floor completion rates
  • 20%+ saving on overall pavement costs
  • 100% decrease in steel transportation, storage and placement costs

This guide aims to provide guidance on the design and construction of BarChip macro synthetic fibre reinforced concrete floors, based on best practice design guidelines and construction practices. The design guidance provided in this document is in accordance with the UK Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34 (TR34) 4th Edition (The Concrete Society, 2013) and includes worked design examples for;

  • Point Loads
  • Punching Shear
  • Check Load Transfer
  • Line Loads, and
  • Uniform Distributed Loads

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