BarChip Fibre is Used to Replace Trench Mesh

in Residential Housing Slabs


Yes we Can! BarChip Fibre is Used to Replace Trench Mesh is Concrete Slabs



Almost every home builder asks us the same question; “Can you replace trench mesh”. It makes sense, trench mesh is more complicated and time consuming to install than crack control mesh, and it requires more effort. We’re happy to report that you can replace trench mesh in residential housing slabs, and work by ÉLMÉNYOTTHON Architectural Group in Hungary, JKP Static Engineering and BarChip show how it’s done.

Using an equivalent method for design, JKP Static Engineering proved that BarChip 48 is more than capable of meeting the performance of the steel bar throughout the entire foundation. Only the re-entry bar is required to meet the needs of the structure, as shown below. In total Barchip replaced the entire trench mesh cage and 90% of all steel in the system. JKP Static Engineer Péter Schaul explains:

“The goal in the design was to increase the speed of construction time but keep the safety in foundations. The BarChip solution was ideal, the soil parameters and the geometry of the foundation made it possible to replace all the steel bars, but ensure that the foundation will have enough post crack capacity”.

Steel vs BarChip Fribre Trench Mesh Design


For the end client, BarChip is non-corrosive and eliminates any risk of concrete cancer. BarChip also delivers superior ductility and far better crack control, making it an easy choice for builders. ÉLMÉNYOTTHON’s Architectural Group CEO Tibor Eckhardt explains:

“Choosing a BarChip fibre reinforcement system was a logical decision. Our foundations are stronger and more durable which raises our house’s value to last for generations. It’s also much easier and faster for our workers to install”.

On the recently completed 5 house development (pictured here), BarChip saved a 5 worker crew 5 days of construction. The time savings on ÉLMÉNYOTTHON’s current project are even greater, with BarChip saving a 5 worker crew 19 days of construction time. That’s a nearly 4 week schedule saving for something that’s easier, cheaper and stronger.




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