BarChip Fibre Reinforced

Thin Concrete Screed Overlay


BarChip Fibre Reinforced Concrete Screed Solves Reinforcement Issues at Primark’s Flagship Bulgarian Store



In 2022 Primark opened its first store in Romania at Park Lake Shopping Centre, Bucharest. The €10 million flagship store spans 4,500 m2 across two levels.
With any interior fit out there are challenges constructing new designs within existing structures. One challenge faced by Lindec was installing a new concrete floor overlay.

BarChip fibre reinforced concrete screed overlay

The allowable height of the new concrete floor was as little as 5 cm, not enough for adequate concrete cover when steel mesh reinforcement is used.
To overcome this, Lindec proposed the use of BarChip 2024 macro synthetic fibre reinforcement. The 24 mm length fibre eliminated the need for steel mesh while providing sufficient crack control and bending performance to the floor. Lindec CEO Constantin Dobre adds:

“BarChip 2024 showed a real benefit for the screed in terms of preventing shrinkage cracks”.

The C30/37 screed was dosed with 1,5 kg of BarChip 2024 fibre and pumped between 60 and 90 m through 65 mm hose.
By eliminating the need to install steel mesh, BarChip also saved labour costs and construction time.

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