Fibre Reinforced Precast Concrete – The BarChip Advantage



When it comes to improving the quality of precast concrete, BarChip emerges as a game-changer. Here are some key benefits that make BarChip an ideal choice for precast concrete applications:

1. Time Savings – One of the most significant advantages of using BarChip is the elimination of time-consuming steel mesh preparation and installation. Incorporating BarChip into concrete moulds streamlines the process, leading to substantial time savings and faster project completion.

2. Better Safety – Traditional steel reinforcement requires unrolling, cutting, and placing steel in moulds, which presents multiple safety hazards. By switching to a fibre reinforced concrete solution like BarChip, these risks are mitigated.

3. Waste Reduction – The use of steel mesh often results in considerable off-cut waste. BarChip eliminates this issue entirely, contributing to a more efficient use of materials.


4. Cost-Effectiveness – BarChip stands out as a cost-effective solution to rising steel prices. Macro synthetic fibres like BarChip are significantly cheaper per cubic metre than steel reinforcement, providing substantial cost savings.

5. Reduced Labour Costs – By eliminating the need for steel mesh processes, BarChip reduces construction times and associated labour costs. Moreover, fibre reinforced solutions simplify the process for workers, as installing mesh is labor-intensive and physically demanding.

6. Lower Carbon Footprint – BarChip boasts a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional and even low-carbon steel alternatives. This makes it a more attractive option to anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint.


7. Superior Performance – Unlike traditional steel mesh, BarChip reinforces the entire cross-section of a concrete element. This comprehensive reinforcement provides superior ductility performance, enhancing the structural integrity of precast concrete elements.

8. Corrosion Free – BarChip is immune to corrosion, a significant benefit for many precast concrete elements that leads to longer-lasting and better quality structures.

9. Ease of Use – On top of all these benefits, BarChip simplifies the casting process for precast concrete. Its ease of use makes the entire process smoother and more efficient, further contributing to its appeal as a modern reinforcement solution.

BarChip not only enhances the performance and durability of precast concrete but also offers significant time, cost, and safety advantages. Its lower carbon footprint and waste reduction benefits align perfectly with sustainable construction goals, making it a superior choice for modern precast concrete construction.

Download: Benefits of BarChip Fibre Reinforced Precast Concrete

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