Batching and Mixing Guide for Barchip’s Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement

Mixing Procedure 1 – For 2.5 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg BarChip Bags

  1. Determine the correct number of BarChip bags per batch.
  2. Add BarChip bags, “Bag and All”, to the empty truck mixer.
  3. Add initial batch water.
  4. Mix for one minute before adding dry materials.
  5. Add dry materials and mix for five minutes

Mixing Procedure 2 – For BarChip Pucks

  1. Add fiber pucks, sand and aggregates to the truck mixer using the conveyer belt.
  2. Add cement and water.
  3. Mix at full speed for 5 minutes.
  4. During transport use low rotation speed on truck mixer.
  5. Mix for 5 minutes at high speed on site

Mixing Procedure 3 – On Site Mixing

  1. Determine the correct number of BarChip bags per batch
  2. Ensure slump is a minimum of 120 mm before adding fiber.
  3. Ensure drum speed is set at maximum.
  4. Add BarChip mulchable bags to drum (10 kg/min).
  5. After loading, mix for one minute per m3 of concrete mix.


  • BarChip fibers will not ball when mixed correctly.
  • BarChip pallets can be stored outdoors, individual bags should be kept covered.
  • Regular dose rates of 3 kg/m3 to 6 kg/m3 may reduce slump up to 20 mm.
  • Packing can be supplied for automated deliver systems.
  • BarChip fibers will not greatly affect finishing techniques.

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