Barchip Macro Synthetic Fiber – Conformity in World Markets


Barchip Synthetic Fiber Concrete Reinforcement – Conformity in World Markets

The use of macro synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement has been increasing in global construction for the past 15 years. As market experience and confidence has increased so too has the number of available standards and guidelines.

Today numerous standards and guidelines exist that can assist engineers and designers to incorporate macro synthetic fiber reinforcement into concrete designs. Below you will find a list of the main international guidelines used today.

Be sure to consult your local planning authorities as many local guidelines exist that are not included in this post. Barchip has experience developing guidelines and can assist anyone wishing to begin the process in their region. Contact us for more information on any guidelines listed below.

Have we missed any? So many guidelines exist today. Let us know if we’ve missed one from your region.


Barchip Macro Synthetic Fiber – Conformity in World Markets

Region Organisation Standard / Code Clause / Comment Proof of Conformance
International International Organisation for Standards ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification
International Organisation for Standards ISO 14001 Environmental System Certification
International Tunnelling Association Independent testing by WG12 sprayed concrete committee 2007 Conforms
ICC Evaluation Service Acceptance Criteria for Concrete with Synthetic Fibers 2003 Conforms
ITAtech Guidance for Precast Fiber Reinforced Concrete Segments – Volume 1: Design Aspects. Conforms
Europe Eurocode EN 14889-2:206 Fibers for Concrete Part 2 Polymer fibers – Definitions specification and conformity Certification
Eurocode EN 14889-2:206 Clause 6 Evaluation of conformity BarChip48, BarChipC54 Certification
EFNARC EN14887-1 Square panel test
CE Certificate Polymer fibers for structural use in concrete, mortar and grout. Polymer type: Polypropylene Class II BarChip48, BarChip54 Certification
ERMCO Ready Mix Concrete Guidance to fiber concrete. Properties, Specifications and Practice in Europe Conforms
Swedish Standards Institute Fiber Concrete – Design of Fiber Concrete Structures Conforms
UK Concrete Society TR65 Guidance on the use of macro synthetic fiber reinforced concrete Conforms
British Tunnelling Society BTS Specification for Tunnelling Third Edition 2010 Clause 203.1 Conforms
Norway Norsk Betongforening Publication No 7 Sprayed Concrete for rock support Technical Specification Guidelines and Test Methods 2011 Meets the requirements of performance class 500 700 and 1000 Joules
Norwegian Tunnelling Society Publication No 17. Underground Openings – Operations, Maintenance and Repair 2008 Conforms Fibers are non-corrosive
Russia NOSTROJ 2.27.125-2013 National Association of Builders Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Design Code for Construction of Transport Tunnels Conforms
Hygiene Certification Conforms
Poland ITB Polish Technical Institute Certification for use in structural applications Conforms
USA ASTM ASTM D7508/D7508M – 10 Standard Specification for Polyolefin Chopped Strands for Use in Concrete Conforms
ASTM ASTM C1116 Standard Specification for Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete and Concrete Clause 4.1.3 Type III Conforms
ASTM ASTM C155-12a Standard Test Method for Flexural Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (Using Centrally Loaded Round Panel) Conforms
American Concrete Institute ACI 506.5R-09 Guide for Specifying underground shotcrete Clause 4.6.2 Conforms
Maine Department of Transportation Qualified Product Concrete and Bridge Items Certificate
Florida Department of Health Qualified Product Sewage Treatment Concrete Certificate
National Concrete Burial Vault Association Qualified Product for Precast Burial Elements Certificate
Australia Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia Standard Drawings for Paving Works Specifications
QLD Rail Stone and Concrete Slope Protection Standard Specification Conforms
Brisbane City Council Standard Drawings for Paving Works Specifications
Saudi Arabia SGS Certificate of Conformity for commodities and products to be exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Conforms
Nigeria Standards Organisation of Nigeria Certificate of Conformity Conforms


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