BarChip Obtains Environmental Product Declaration


The International EPD® System is a worldwide programme operating in accordance with ISO 14025 for type III environmental declarations and relevant EPDs and PCRs are compliant with European standard EN 15804. They operate a system to verify and register EPDs and maintain a publicly-available library of EPDs and PCRs. Over 1100 EPDs for a wide range of product categories are currently registered by companies in 45 countries. EPDs may be used in building assessment schemes to quantify the life cycle environmental impacts of the ingoing construction materials. EPDs are suitable for building assessment schemes since they are:

  • Based on international standards
  • Include the life cycle perspective (cradle-to-gate or cradle-to-grave, depending on the product)
  • Cover multiple environmental impact categories
  • Are independently verified and aim for comparability within the same product category

Such building assessment schemes include the Green Building Council of Australia, ISCA, BREEAM and LEED. BarChip’s Environmental Product Declarations can be download from the EPD Australasia website;

BarChip R-Series –

BarChip MQ58 –

BarChip 48,54,60 –

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