Home Owners Save Thousands with Shotcrete Retaining Wall.




75 m Long Shotcrete Retaining Wall Completed in 3 Days for Half the Cost of Block Work System.


Shotcrete is a fantastic product, developed for the most part in major mining and civil infrastructure projects. The reasons shotcrete was embraced are simple:

1) It improved safety for workers
2) It increased speed of development
3) It improved ground support systems

Ben Ferri, CEO at Jemna contracting has been spraying shotcrete into Australian mines and tunnels for more than 20 years. Recently though, he’s been proving that Shotcrete is perfect for residential projects as well. Shotcrete is a great solution for residential batters, retaining walls and underpinning. It delivers the same benefits, but compared to traditional retaining wall systems, shotcrete is significantly faster and cheaper.

On a picturesque project in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, Jemna showed just how effective a shotcrete solution can be. A driveway batter measuring around 75 m in length and 2.5 m vertical height needed retaining. Traditional solutions for a batter like this would include staggered gabions, sandstone blocks or concrete panels. These solutions would take weeks to complete.

From start to finish Jemna completed the project in just 3 days. After 2 days of site preparation Jemna sprayed all the shotcrete in 1 day. Not only was the job completed in record time, but the cost of the shotcrete solution was thousands of dollars cheaper than alternative methods.

Contact BarChip about your retaining wall needs today. If you live near South East Queensland you can contract Jemna directly for your residential retaining wall needs – https://www.jemna.com.au.

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