And Long Term Performance of FRC

Eliminate Corrosion of Reinforcement with Barchip’s Macro Synthetic Fibre Concrete Reinforcement.


Regardless of preventative efforts (which are substantial) steel reinforcement in concrete is still likely to suffer from corrosion. The prominent reasons for this are;

1.    Cracking of concrete;
2.    Carbonation and neutralization of the protective concrete cover;
3.    Ingress of chlorides or other chemicals into concrete over time, reducing alkalinity and promoting steel corrosion;
4.    Combinations of the above.


Over 40 years of research has conclusively shown that macro synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement does not corrode and is not affected by long term exposure to corrosive environments. Furthermore, it has been proven that macro synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement suffers no loss in performance due to late age concrete strength gains, a process commonly known as embrittlement.

This research is summarised in Barchip’s Technical Note: Durability and Long Term Performance of Fibre Reinforced Concrete.

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