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Model Code 2010 and BarChip Macro Synthetic Fibre

Designing with BarChip Synthetic Fibre and Model Code 2010

The fib Model Code 2010 (MC2010) for concrete structures is a comprehensive recommendation for the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete. It is intended to be a basis for future codes for concrete structures, e.g. the next generation of Eurocode 2 (EC2).

MC2010 enables designers to have a reference code that sets out the performance criteria for Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) structures, but it must be remembered that there are a number of other design codes and guidelines available to designers that may better suit the promotion of macro synthetic fibres and the individual application of FRC.

EPC’s BarChip synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement has been used successfully in MC2010 designed structures, such as the precast segmental lining in the Santoña – Laredo Subfluvial Water Tunnel, Spain.

Even so, since the release of MC2010 there has been a division in the design community as to whether macro synthetic fibres meet the stipulated performance and material property requirements of this guideline.

This division is largely a result of a lack of reliable information on the topic. We address this in our latest Technical Note: “Model Code 2010 and the Design of Concrete Structures Using EPC Macro Synthetic Fibre”, and show that:

1)    EPC’s BarChip synthetic fibre can meet the material requirements stipulated in MC2010, and
2)    EPC’s BarChip synthetic fibre can meet the performance requirements stipulated in MC2010

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